Custom Window Treatments in New Bern, NC

Patriot Blinds & More specializes in creating personalized window treatments that enhance the appearance of your residence in New Bern. Our wide selection of premium indoor and outdoor coverings caters to your specific needs, and we also offer custom retractable awnings to customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. When you choose us as your provider, you can expect top-quality products that complement the style of your home.

If you’re unsure about how to revamp your living space, our team of professionals is here to help. We will guide you through the entire process, from the design phase to the installation of our US-manufactured products, which guarantee outstanding quality and longevity. Don’t hesitate any longer; contact us today and let us transform your New Bern home into something remarkable!

Interior Window Treatments

roman shades

Patriot Blinds & More provides stunning interior window treatments for all kinds of homes in New Bern. Our impressive collection includes blinds, shutters, and shades that cater to different tastes and preferences. Furthermore, we offer customizations that ensure a perfect fit for your windows. In case you have any doubts or queries, our team is happy to assist you in selecting the best options for each room, ensuring a flawless installation. Some rooms might need:

If you’re looking for the ideal window treatments to add some flair to your home, Patriot Blinds & More is the place to go! Our vast selection of styles, colors, textures, and patterns caters to various aesthetics, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your home. Moreover, our budget-friendly prices make it easy for you to enhance the look of your home without overspending. Don’t wait any longer – contact us today and let us help you find beautiful window treatments that will make your house feel like a true home.

Exterior Window Treatments

solar shades

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, Patriot Blinds & More offers an extensive range of exterior window treatments. Our selection of shades, screens, and retractable awnings allows you to immerse yourself in New Bern’s picturesque surroundings while still having control over the amount of light and optimal weather conditions. Let us help you transform your outdoor space into a comfortable and stylish environment. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings. Some of our exterior products include:

During hot summer days or chilly mornings, Patriot Blinds & More’s solar screens and shades provide a perfect solution for relaxing while taking in the view without discomfort. If your deck is too exposed to direct sunlight, investing in one of our durable retractable awnings is a worthwhile consideration. Our exterior products are made of premium fabrics that can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for any outdoor space. Let us help you enhance your outdoor experience by installing our high-quality exterior window treatments. Contact us today to learn more about our products.


Patriot Blinds & More is proud to partner with Somfy when it comes to motorized blinds and shades! Motorization is both a safe and convenient option that allows you to effortlessly raise or lower your window treatments with just the push of a button. With these motorized window coverings, you can set timers to have them open and close at what times work best for you and your family in New Bern; not to mention, save energy (and money on utility bills) by programming the shades to close during peak hours of heat throughout the day!

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Patriot Blinds & More is committed to bringing all of our customers high-quality window treatments, like blinds, shades, shutters, drapes, and more! Whether you need interior or exterior window coverings, we carry the best products on the market today. Get in touch with one of our professional staff to find out more about the services and products we offer. 

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