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Blinds vs. Shades: What You Should Know

If you’re looking to install new window coverings in your home, the first step is figuring out what type of treatment works best. While both blinds and shades cover your windows, each has unique characteristics that might help you make a decision. Here are some features to help you:


Blinds are made from harder materials like pvc, wood, and aluminum, so they tend to hold up better to wear and tear. Installing shades in high-traffic areas might pose a problem, since they can be snagged by people or pets walking by.

Privacy + Light Control

Shades have two options, open or closed, and are made with a single piece fabric. On the other hand, blinds have tilting slats that you can adjust for light control. Ultimately, your choice will depend on how much light control and privacy you want.


When shades get dirty, you’ll need to use a vacuum, or gently spot clean with warm water. Blinds however, can be wiped down easily with a soft cloth. If you plan on adding new window treatments in areas that can get dirty, blinds might be the better choice.


Shades are also more customizable than blinds are. You can find them with upgraded fabric collections, fabric wrapped valances, fabric fold styles, fabric liners and lift systems. The most customization you’ll see with blinds is how much light you can let into a room.

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