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Double-Layered Valances: What to Look Out For

Layered valances can be a luxurious and unique addition to your home. If you want to give your home that extra touch, a valance is a great place to start! However, be aware of these few things when you’re ready to buy your own.

Double-layered valances

There are many manufacturers today that use the term loosely for their products. A real double-layered valance has two separate layers of fabric that span across the entire panel of the valance, from left hem to right hem, from rod pocket to bottom hem. Each layer of fabric itself is also lined. 

What you should look out for and avoid

Since each of the fabric panels must be lined, a real double-layered valance really has four individual layers. Two layers are the home decor fabric, each of those fabrics having its own layer of lining behind it. Be aware of valances with a partially inserted accent fabric! It will create a seam line when illuminated from behind.

You should also be on the lookout for decorative cording and piping. These additions can hide any flaws, like stitching errors or uneven measurements. Likewise, stiff cording and piping has the potential to push your valance out. While it may fit the rod pocket fine, it might be too wide for your window at the bottom of the valance.

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