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How Will Excess Snow Affect My Awning?

Is your home or business in an area that gets a lot of snowfall in the winter months? If so, you might be worried about how your awning is going to hold up. With a large amount of snowfall, there’s a chance that a weak awning might collapse under the weight of all that snow. Thankfully, you can minimize the danger by purchasing the right type of awning with these useful tips:

Frame engineering

When considering which awning to buy, don’t just focus on the fabric —  pay attention to the frame too! The structure is very important since it’s what the awning snow load will primarily depend on. Manufacturers will also be able to give you an estimate on snow load, which you can compare to the type of snowfall you receive in your area.

Pitch matters

You should also pay attention to the pitch of your awning. Flat awnings will have significantly more snow buildup than an awning that has a smaller angle. On the other hand however, a high-pitch awning will basically let the snow slide right off to the ground.

Fabric choice

When it comes to a leaking awning, your safety depends on the choice of fabric. Woven fabrics tend to absorb water and snow and often let it leak through. However other fabrics are designed to be waterproof. When fabrics absorb water from the snow instead of repelling it, they become compromised.

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