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Manual vs. Motorized Retractable Awnings: What You Should Know

While both manual and motorized retractable awnings provide shade and some protection from rain, there are a few important differences between them. Before you make a decision to buy, it’s important to know all of the information available. Here’s what you should know.

Manual retractable awnings

A manual retractable awning has a detachable crank, which turns by hand to either extend or retract the awning. The crank hooks into place and is rotated left or right to turn the roller mechanism to move the fabric awning. 

These types of awnings are less expensive to install and operate, and don’t require electricity to work. Since manual retractable awnings don’t have wiring components, they won’t be an electrical hazard either. 

Motorized retractable awnings

With motorized retractable awnings, there is an electric motor instead of the manual crank. To open or close the awning, you simply press a button on a remote control or flip a switch. The gear on the motor will spin, turn the roller mechanism, and extend or retract the awning. 

Since these types of awnings have a motor, they do require electricity. Some models come with a manual override system in case power goes out. Motorized awnings are very easy to use, especially for the elderly or disabled, and you won’t see a crack hanging on the side.

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